Praying and Prophecy for Vladimir Putin

Praying for Vladimir Putin, Dad may your divine hand be upon and place favor on him. Bless his feet and hands that whatever he touches carry your correction and where he walks your mercy may be declared. Grant him the many splendors of Wisdom and let discernment be a crown of peace upon his head. Gird him, round about with Sanctity and Righteousness. May he be aware that You, Dad, shroud him in Your Holy Spirit and be protection, peace, and comfort to him in his journey in this world. Grant us strength to overcome the corrupt evil cabal that subjugates man in slavery.

In the name of Yesu, haem.

Prophetic Word:

1 My Father, lifted me out by my hair, and brought me to a vision, amidst a deep valley’ there where a river ran through.

2 God led my wife, and mother with me, to a river. Trees lined either side of the river, and the river flowed with time, through time, and in time.

3 As I stood on one bank, thereupon a cliff, caught in a gaze and froze in my tracks. As the only sound was of many rushing waters.

4 I looked and Behold, there in the river, flowing downstream, came rubble, shrouded amidst the reeds and the rushes.

5 Amidst the reeds and the rushes, I saw a pale-green Dragon, his cold, calculating eyes looking back at me; as it flow past, caught in the current of the river, its gaze held me transfixed.

6 Raising my hand and spoke I unto the Dragon and said, “I see you!” pointed and spoke unto the Dragon again, “I see you, I know who you are!”

7 I riled that Serpent, to arise from his shroud, amidst the reeds and the rushes, where he hid and lifted his mighty head.

8 Time stopped as I stared at that pale-green Serpent, the clacking of his prismatic pale-green scales, rippling in the Sun.

9 Enraged, he shook angrily, clawing the bramble, flailing against the current; lashing his mighty tail, in a fight to gain footing and cross the river.

10 His fangs shown, his razor teeth shown, as he grimaced in the fury, of his delight; the noise ceased, and the many rushing waters, were left silent.

11 There held, I, my ground and made my stand. Smoke filled his nostrils, as that pale-green Dragon, charged across the flowing river; with time, through time, and in time.

12 He, that mighty Serpent, clutched the sand of the shore, with His front right claw; there he clutched the sand of the shore, right past, beneath the cliff where I stood.

13 He then transformed from that pale-green Dragon, his continence, suddenly, changed to Righteous indignation; where once that mighty Serpent was, there stood a ferocious Black Bear.

14 The Black Bear, clawed the ground three times and began his charge, only troubled by the cliff, where I stood.

15 Short of time, search I there, through the trees, for a place to hide.

16 I looked and Behold, stood there, a Tabernacle, amidst the trees, and ran to the threshold and there, entered in.

17 Searching to and fro, there stood, in the center of the room, a ladder ascending through a skylight.

18 Did I not turn, did I not look, I did not turn and look, at the Black Bear; that clawed the air, huffing and thundering, in its furious anger!

19 Dare I not turn, not look and see, that pale-green Dragon; the mighty Serpent that transformed and formed into the Black Bear.

20 My heart, beneath my chest, my heart did pound; and saw out the corner of my eye, his claw of his right hand, about to tear my body apart.

21 And I cried out to the Father and lift me out, He did, by my hair, to deliver me from the vision.

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