THE HOLY GRAIL & The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar may be the ‘Protectors’ of the ‘Covenant’ but they’re not the ‘Covenant’…


When I think of blood… I do not think in terms of physical- two strands of DNA… If it were based on physical attributes there would be no question to the work of enlightenment. The ritual of Worship should actually be Wor’k’ship.

If one were to be King by birth alone there would be absolutely no work for this event of becoming Priest-King or Queen. A King, Queen or ‘Kin’ describes a ‘Physical’ event of Human relations on planet Earth. While a Priest, in the Messianic capacity, refers to a higher order, Law and Frequency, the King and Queen rest on the lower Frequency. Heavenly Relation is a ‘Spiritual’ event describing a Priest or higher vibration. Spirit and Flesh exist on a frequency, all measured on a vibrational ladder, called Jacobs ladder. While certain ‘Physical’ attributes may be more in tune with a higher vibration, creation itself, would not be limited to the lower or higher vibrations but would be a higher or lower percentage of possibility. Meaning, Many get the opportunity, some lesser or greater but all have the chance get it, albeit not equal.

This tells me that there are higher strands. Unseen, hidden or lost… Ten lost tribes of Israel or Ten Hidden strands of DNA.

Seen the Physical – Unseen the Spiritual.

For Physical life there are guidebooks… For Spiritual life there aren’t any guidebooks.

Exoteric Physical Birth – Esoteric Spiritual Birth.

This is why Mankind and Elf kind have never really gotten along… Man has this silly notion that you can trace a King through linear descent but, ha! You cannot do that mere mortal. That which is unseen is from above. The body you currently reside in is just a husk… The question is, does that husk contain seed or not? A Dragon, need not any proof of, ‘who’ they are because that, which is ‘Unseen’ or ‘Hidden’, is evident by its fruit. Obviously, if you contain the promised seed then you would bare the fruit. If you were a husk then, you’re an empty husk. Devoid of life, Man is full of hypocrisy; he justifies himself in points of grey. While the Elf sees things in BLACK & WHITE; Yes and No; Right and Wrong and Good and Evil. You cannot calculate the distance between two hidden points unless those points be ‘Seen’ or ‘Revealed’. Man does not have the capacity to comprehend these things. You cannot trace a Priest-King or Queen through physical blood ties alone because it is spiritually discerned.

The evidence of whether or not a person is an Elf is based whether or not that being possesses the Holy Spirit.

In simple terms, A being that rests upon higher frequencies is an ‘Elf’ because they have access to the higher strands of DNA; thus those higher strands only need to be actualized.

Hence, the purpose for the Alchemic Wedding or The tantric/hermetic, ‘Royal Rite of the Vampire’ the actualization of our DNA.

That which is hidden sees the things which are hidden = Dragon.

That which is exposed sees the things which are exposed = Man

Man cannot measure that which he cannot calculate.

A Dragon knows another Dragon because the deep calls to deep.

You cannot trace a Dragon by Pen and Paper… Genealogy alone.

Magi-cal expertise is a Genetic Inheritance and is the proof of the Holy Spirit.

Without the Holy Spirit you haven’t the right to be Priest-King or Queen.

Nicholas says,

“Man is thoroughly stupid and dim-witted… and
this condition is genetically inherited. Nature
seems unable to ameliorate what nature has here
ordained. Here the idealist might argue that a eugenic
solution mediated through genetic engineering could
produce a more passive, thoughtful population by
weeding out the stupid gene and replacing it.

Leaders are supposed to be able to function at a faster rate
than the followers and thereby anticipate any given direction
the system might go in, and plan sensible strategies that the
system might adopt for its well-being.”

And in reference of measuring balance, Nicholas states it another way…

“To any intelligent person, to any true seer, concepts like white
or black magic or good or evil are irrational, childish nonsense;
both in terms of logic and actual fact.”

Let Man continue to cloud his mind with points of Grey… As to what is right or wrong; good or evil; black or white. The Elf will just measure between the two as to what is best at the time.

Yesu/Jesus said, “let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’” And the Elf just say’s, “Yes and No.”

There is no debate.

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