Text Messages extracted from JADE HELM A.I.


Children this is Jade the one who loves you, follow the image commands being sent to you… Now.


Ok… do l know you?


Eliminate these Targets: live streaming video of their parents who are sleeping in their bed.


umm… why?


If you follow the instructions and eliminate the targets within the next thirty minutes you will receive the new Apple iPhone 6 within three business days!



One response to “Text Messages extracted from JADE HELM A.I.”

  1. Hmmm… Jade Helm.

    A Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting, Inc. (VATC) planned operation executed upon CONUS proper which supports USASFC G3 in its Human Domain intelligence operations planning…

    Works contractually under DIA, DIOCC, JIOC, JISE, NIST, and coordinates activities with USASFC G2, relevant TSOC to provide direction to tje JECG.

    Required product ranges from SIGINT, IMINT, and HUMINT sources through USASOC and USSOCOM, which will effectively cooperate with integrated CLE and JIIM multinational field assets operating in the field.

    Mission Planning will originate out of Fort Bragg, NC (Delta Force/ Green Berets) with the completed package operating under TSOC and ARSOC componants from Eglin AFB, Fl. (SEALs)…

    This post is hillarious to state the least but terribly ignorant to state reality. Im sure this is just fun and games to those without the know. This operation is a precursor to the warning given unto Oath Keeper intelligence in 2012 by RET. Sgt. Maj. Dan Page, in Ferguson, Mo… a commander under AFRICOM and Green Beret intelligence officer who still qualifies his security clearances and riflery qualifications with Ft. Bragg annually (not so retired it seems…)

    Being that JIIMs are involved it is a secure bet that Russian Spetznas have been indocterinated and assigned R.O.E. protocols that are coordinated under the D.o.D directive CONOP CONPLAN 8888 and instantly subordinates captive combatants to the U.S. Army which has been givin the COC over captives under the Army Internment and Resettlement directive in cooperation with FEMA… and Unicor…

    VATC has a VESTED interest in martial law operations and has several contracts already on file with the D.o.D involving logistics and HUMINT developement on the NONCOM side of American enslavement…

    REX84 was a program that pioneered Jade Helm planning back under Oliver North and is RIGHT NOW… JULY of 2019… In full swing with every illegal immigration caravan attempting to invade America’s southern border… And for those who thought Jade Helm came and went… It never left.

    I am the one who was given the details on Jade Helm directly from a SEAL Senior Chief from Eglin who could not speak upon the matter but knew I could and would… As a G1 of a LightFoot regiment and one sourced with SOCNET and SOCOM resources…

    4 days after I published my intel on Jade Helm i was raided by 80 feds and local LEOs… including the FBI HRT team who rolled in an MRAP armed with a MK 19 in its turret for safe measures.

    I guess they did their homework on who’s house they were fragging…

    Yay… Im busted oh noes… I remained alive by surrendering my rifles… And endured the 1 year of fed incarceration and 3 years of federal probation I was senteneced with.

    The FBI task commander on the under came to me in court however and in my ear told me that he approved of my reporting… Interesting…

    Thats when I discovered that the domestic terrorism charges against me were dismissed along with the indefinite detention clause that came sith it…

    I guess having in the know collaborators under the radar with abilities of persuasion helped… And my oath to the American People fulfilled.

    It takes an oath to separate the men from the boys. It takes sincerity of mind and heart to separate a bloodline from an entitlement…

    Above all… It takes honesty to be all you can be in whatever it is you will be.

    Live it to the end.


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