Solving Health care the Christian American Way!

The whole thing is a sham… World peace is easy, if we employ the same rules, we enforce upon toddlers in any average daycare in America.

Americans are complacent, thoughtless and selfish. I’m not arguing against a person being paid 1.50 a day in China when you can buy a house for $900… I’m simply pointing out the obvious.

We need to elect regular (born) ‘American’ people to the White House. NO more, Brokers, Lawyers and career Politicians.

It is true, America is and has been a socialized nation for quite some time now but… The reason, ‘why’, most Americans do not see it or realize it, is because, ‘Affirmative Action’. Over 70% of the tax-payer’s base is ‘White’ Americans (Not ‘Pink’) but that 70+% do not qualify for most socialized programs.

If you want to socialise services to be provided by any ‘Entity’, that Entity needs to have surplus not a deficit.

We do not need Obama care… when the cost of healthcare is a result of the most prolific criminal scam perpetrated against the American people and the world… Insurance Corporations.

What is the solution?

First, a re-defining of Law concerning the regulation of Health care provision and Insurance (This subject is too complicated and detailed to list here).

Second, Instead of a Government (enforced) healthcare system, there is a better, more American way… Health care provision by the private sector.

I’ve worked with in Ministry and with many of the Mega-Church movements… And it is no secret there is not secret that the most powerful finacial institution in America is not a Bank, It’s a Church.

(It’s disgusting to realize this and see so much money only to divide church bodies over embezzled, tax-free greenbacks.)

Honestly, the average Christian involved in the Mega-Churchs, ought ot be ashamed and repent asking the Father of Lights for forgiviness for dis-obeying the instructiuons of Jesus, whom they consider God incarnate..?

Many ‘Fraternal Organizations’ can offer what’s called, ‘Fraternal Insurance’ which doesn’t suffer under the same scrutiny of Federal Law and Federal regulations. Meaning as long as you are an official member of an organization, you can recieve benefits of membership with the limitations and restrictions that are neccessary for ‘Insurance’ business’s and corporations.

Why aren’t these Mega-Church’s putting their money where their mouth is?

For instance take a Church with say, 300 members… And I mean truly active, tithing members.

Statistically speaking, you can estimate for every hundred members, at least five people take in a six figure annual income.

And at least, twenty five members and their household, bring in between fifty to seventy thousand dollars.

So two hundred and ten people, we’ll just say, make eighteen thousand dollars income annually.

Thats just an average and I am playing it safe here….. (And any honest church pastor knows it’s true.)


15 Members make a minimum of $100,000.00 USD

75 Members make a minimum of $50,000.00 USD

210 Members make a minimum of $18,000.00 USD

15 x 100,000 = 1.5 Million dollars annual income.

10% would be 150,000 annual tithed amount.

150,000 divided by twelve months… $12,500.00 USD

Then heres where the real money is…

75 x 50,000 = 3,750,000.00… Wow!

10% would be 375,000 tithed dollars (minimum) a year.

375,000 divided by twelve months… $31,250.00 USD (Thats ‘almost’ more than the average person’s annual income!)

Finally, the small potatoes (The poverty stricken masses):

210 x 18,000 = 3,780,000.00… Wow again!

10% would be 378,000 tithed dollars minimum a year.

378,000 divided by twelve months… $31,500.00 USD



What do you think the Churches do with all that Money?

And we know most people are Compulsory when being asked to tithe and are inspired to give more than 10%. And neither is that fond thing Christians call the ‘Love Offering’ added into the equation…

Granted 300 solid tithing members, usually means you have around 800 – 1,000 in attendance on a weekly basis, and I assure you that is a very safe assumption.

Then you have the fund raisers for special events and services… So, the bulk of the tithe money is never touched, and easily embezzled into secondary and private accounts. The Church Entity (Protected under the Constitution) is the only Entity, that does not have to tell anyone nor any of it’s members what they do with any of the money. And that changes with private ministries as they are scrutinized heavily by the IRS.

These numbers are based on far less than the true averages in the actual churches in America. And a business / Tax savvy Pastor can even get great deals on real-estate, that would blow individual people away… It is a ‘SIN’, churches aren’t providing these cheap rates to their congregation.

Not to mention, they could solve the Health Care crisis in America. Matter a’fact, if the Church was doing it’s Job in America, in the first place, there wouldn’t be homeless, hungry and poor… And there most certainly, wouldn’t be a Health Care crisis.

If you want to know, what I believe and stand for, do not Judge me by my opinions regarding our discussions… Rather, Judge me on my actions… As that is what the Order of the Green Stagg is all about. Not about the occult, or doctrinal issues…

It’s about Bringing the Churches (Once and for all time) to account for their crimes against the weak, the poor and the desperate masses.

It’s about fulfilling the ‘Gospel’ literally not metaphorically as which, Christians seem to do, in order to justify to themselves… Searing thier conscience as to why they do not do more… “Well, I tithe and give to my Church, isn’t that enough?” …

No… It’s not.

Especially, if you do not question every Church you attend as to what they do with that money.

And I know what it will cost me to bring this about… Everything I am. I will have to bleed and suffer for it, and in irony, at the hands of Christians no less.

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