Ukraine is a living sacrifice of neo-liberal globalists

#Gutfield is right based on history.

All war is dirty.

Putin gave Ukraine the chance to surrender… They chose war.

The USA and NATO have blood on their hands. NATO gave false hope to Ukraine, the CIA armed fascists, caused instability in 2014, and set up a puppet government, violating multiple international laws and agreements.

Zelensky ran his mouth, thinking the USA and NATO would back him up… Crickets.

Make a deal with the Devil, where’s the devil now?

The Western neo-liberal globalists have only exploited Ukrainian civilians to manipulate the hearts and minds of the world. The West has inspired Ukraine to fight when there is no way to win while we watch from our living rooms eating popcorn.

Ukraine is a living sacrifice of neo-liberal globalists, not Putin. Putin is in a catch 22, damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

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