The Ultimate Demise of the Western Neo-Liberal Mindset.

America cannot fix Ukraine because it’s got its own internal issues. American people cannot hold one tyrant accountable while serving another. Hypocrisy cannot stand.

We need to rethink, ‘Who am I?’ ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Who are we?’

If the ‘West’ had the cure-all for Eastern woes they’d have joined already.

Forced assimilation under the guise of human rights may seem to be ‘Just’ but it’s juxtaposed to true or organic integration of diverse populations because it robs a person’s individual free moral agency.

It is very hard for me to work, establish and maintain relations with people on a daily basis while they rehash the latest meme on their feed as actual truth.

Everything happening in the world has been manipulated in a situational design to happen. Anything and everything the #CIA puts their hand to leads to war and bloodshed. I’m sure #MI6, #Mossad and maybe some remnant #KGB club, etc… All have their part to play in the madness in the world and logically since I’m in the good ole USA, well I am responsible for what is happening in this government.

If you poke a Bear you may be ripped to pieces but if you poke a Dragon whole civilizations may be decimated. The frenzied cult of ‘woke-ness’ keeps poking that Bear so much now they’ve disturbed the Dragon.

People should never fear the government but the government should always fear the people.

I choose to love Vladimir Putin with unconditional love. The same love I choose to give to those whom I know to see me as their enemy.

Those that impede individual free moral agency and oppose free will gain nothing. This will deteriorate into a societal collapse.

The West is crossing the border of Moral Collapse and State Failure. This same thing happened in Rome and it happened in 18th dynasty Egypt.
Unconditional Love is a choice, an action of my free moral agency, and is the only reasonable and logical path to world peace.

Or we can continue to repeat history and murder each other until historians can hardly prove we existed.

Freedom is a heavy responsibility. Greed can be justified by the weight of freedom. “I am hungry and have no money, I will rob the rich guy to buy food.” Unconditional love nullifies hunger because food is abundantly available and therefore Greed then is an act of pure selfishness.

The West celebrates Greed with celebrity, monetary gain, and prestige. Billionaires are elevated to demi-god status by their acumen and manipulation of the ‘free-market.’ Typically, they enjoy opulent existence with little regard for the lesser people who struggle just to survive in the system where a few manage to thrive.

The demagoguery of the USA is the ultimate demise of the Western Neo-Liberal mindset.

The situational design upon Vladimir Putin and the Russian people is only the catalyst for a parallel monetary and social system outside of Nato manipulated and controlled populations. Hence, why Russia has stated they are now going back to the Gold Standard. Wait in five years, while the West drowns in fevered ‘woke-ism’ the East will flourish and if Putin allows for ‘Free Moral Agency’ then it will become a new era and age for all life on planet Earth.

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