I Am a Wurm and no Man


Psalm 22:6King James Version (KJV)

“6 But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people.”


Jesus De Foe
Usually in the Bible, the Hebrew word for a worm is “rimmah”, which means a maggot – but the Hebrew word Jesus used here for worm, is TOLA’ATH, which means “Crimson worm” or “Scarlet worm”. Both scarlet and crimson are the colors of blood – deep red.

In the creation story God does not create the planet we call Earth. God pulled it from a Void- not to be mistaken with the ‘Abyss’.

The Void is nothing- nothingness maybe a state of being nothing.

The Abyss is something- a literal place.

Whatever the ‘Void’ is, it’s where this Planet comes from.

So, this is the creation lesson, ‘In the beginning there was nothing, this nothing fed on something and grew and grew and became everything’.

Science declares that because it’s not observable, the Spirit does not exist. You can’t physically appraise that which is only spiritually appraised. The attempt to limit ‘Love’, to debase and reduce it down to only being an autosomal response; the result of chemical and hormonal mixtures and admixtures is, in the least, a clear misunderstanding of what ‘Love’ is.

At least the Greeks attempted to debate what ‘Love’ is and broke it down to more than five separate and distinct types of love. The two most common are Phileo and Agape. Agape Love (unconditional love) is the type of Love we should apply to the person of God.

Agape Love is not an feeling and/or an emotion it’s a Rule of Spiritual Law.

God ‘Is’… Is what God? God Is Love. Love ‘Is’ … Is what Love? Love is God.

How should a man love his wife?

The Holy Spirit is more correctly God’s wife and our mother.

Two other possessive words apply to the Holy Spirit in the capacity of a dynastic Queen and Wife of the Father. Often cited as God’s ‘Glory’ and God’s ‘Wrath’ because only through the agency of the Holy Spirit can we experience and witness these attributes. So, when we ‘glorify’ God, we do so by submission to Holy Spirit and, in this case, the divine feminine.

Women are blessed like unto a vessel, the Holy Grail, as such, serve as worm-holes for spirits to travel and manifest, in the Flesh or in the Spirit, from one place to the other and so forth.

There is another way to attain it or to put it correctly, rather to use it as a weapon- but that is the path of thieves and robbers.

Children of the Left Hand path.

Their motto:

‘Don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.’

Enlightenment is broken up into four categories; the Hylic, the Psychic, the Pneumatic, the Gnostic.

Hylic’s no matter how intelligent, only believe in the Physical senses; touch, taste, hear, see and smell. They do not allow their own spirit to grow or thrive because they view themselves as a ‘body’.

Unfortunately, this is the predicament and paradigm, most people begin with, define and create for themselves.

The Psychic is a person that suddenly has a ‘Revelation’ that there is ‘something’ outside and greater than themselves, ie; God. These types symbolically look up towards the sky as if God is up there in the Heavens and out there in the vastness of Space. Often, depicted as a white haired and bearded guy sitting a golden throne waiting to judge.

At this stage we discover our dual nature, both created, two distinct, separate and opposing beings and forces.

Hence the archetypes of God and the Devil.

These two groups, the Hylic and Psychics make up 99% of the everyone who has ever lived.

What’s truly disconcerting is that ‘Hylic’ people peddle concepts like empirical thinking. Empirical thought and method is essential to clearly explain and define the physical universe but if done so, in the ‘dogmatic’ way Science presents itself, a sort of subconscious (something I do not believe in at all), manifestation of their spiritual disposition, the nature of duality and opposing forces.

This condition is evident with the current ongoing social unrest and arguments over the, Rich & Poor, Black & White, Male & Female, Right & Wrong, Good & Evil, etc…

So the world remains ignorant,fearful and in a faithless, perpetual, ‘backslidden’ state (pardon the pun). Never truly growing much less ascending any time soon…

Hylics worship the Body and physical existence, albeit in ignorance, even to presuppose that, God does not exist because they cannot taste, touch, hear, smell or see it. If it’s not observable then must not exist or be there. And be sure, that God isn’t going to put on a horse and pony show, to prove his existence to anyone, especially, the demands of proof by any unbelieving, un-thankful and faithless snot-nosed brat! A Hylic that doesn’t comprehend how deaf, dumb and blind they are, why else, in the lessons of Yesu, does he pray, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”

Which brings us to the next level…

The Pneumatic is a person who realizes that not only is God ‘out there’ but God is ‘in there’. Pneumatic in Greek can mean ‘Air, Gas or Breath’ hence the ‘Revelation’ that when I exclaim the name of God, requiring breath, inhaled and exhaled. So, no matter if you breathe in our breathe out, God is either inside you or outside of you and both!

It is said that to even breathe, albeit even unknowing and unaware, in prayer and praise, you utter the unutterable and ineffable name of God.

The parable of the lost sheep (99) is an allegory of the one in ninety nine, who stray. Meaning that one percent (1) have the boldness and audacity to question and petition the Father of Lights!

Exclaiming “(Inhale)Yah-(Exhale)Weh!” – Simply breathing is prayer.

Whether, it’s physically genetic or an attribute of Spirit or a combination of both, one must possess the right stuff. It can neither be bought or sold in the hour it’s needed. ‘The parable of the Ten Virgins’ to ‘Trim’ your lamps and store up Oil, Oil is the measure of our spirit (or as in Egypt your heart weighed against a feather- the Eater of the Dead!) is an instruction to know thyself which is Spirit and become one with the Holy Spirit. And where the Spirit is the Father ‘IS’, hence having the light to see through darkness.

No longer blind, deaf and dumb, no longer tricked by opposites and deceived by a dual nature; physically active, reactive and unstable but being, being the ‘IS’ and is ‘I AM.’

This process is the shedding of the skin like a snake and the eternal struggle of the snake eating it’s own tail. Or the the Wurm emerging from the cocoon, as Butterfly. The process of birth, growth, death and reincarnation, transforming the ‘old’ into the ‘new’.

To transcend thus becoming…

The Gnostic.

The Gnostic, like God, just ‘IS’. The self realization and conscious awareness, the ‘Revelation’ that ‘I AM’.

God is I AM.

That state of being I AM is one with God. God being Love, One with Love, That state of being I AM is one with Love. Love being God, One with God.

Love being One with God, God being One with Love is the state of I AM.

“I AM that I AM,” is exclaiming God is ‘one’ with Itself.

In all that I know, I know that I know, I know nothing.

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