Dragon Court Notice and Public Statement

This is a public statement in regards to my father Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, otherwise known as Nicholas Thomas Logan Weir

Amidst my family dealing with the untimely death of a father, it has come to my attention that certain people and individuals see themselves as either fans, followers and/or pretenders to, what I would call, a mass flocking of online attention. In a desperate attempt to recreate our genealogy or to find a familial link with us, through their own discomfort with their own lineages.

I find myself in somewhat of a difficult position, so to set the record straight, Dad would want us to continue to PROTECT the history and future of the bloodline.

The Dragon Court is not a court without my dad as he set it up in the first place.

There will be a ‘New’ court that has no membership fees, no egotistical titles, grandeur or pompous ‘wanna-be’ theories and certainly, no ‘role-playing’ games and what not.

We are an extremely small collective of religious and historical researchers that hold no claims to becoming kings, queens princes or princesses. We are blood and see no need to hold titles that make other people feel higher up than others, We are the protectors of Earths history, nothing more or less. There are no groups to join, you are either in the fold or you are not and those that ‘are,’ know their roles as researchers.

The Dragon Court will be resumed under my authority as his daughter and heir to his works. No other court will be regarded ‘authentic’ as without dad , his genes or knowledge, there is nothing, all we can do is retain his work in his honour. The ethos of this is that no religion or set of tenets, will be started under his name and any that dare attempt it, will hold no representation to what dad wanted and will have nothing to do with us.

It is damn right stupid and borderline terrorism, to attempt to start new orders, crusades, cults and/or religions in his name. This is not our way.

To be a ‘Dragon’ you will know through your ancestry, gene markers and gifts that you are, who you are and will not need public recognition.

To be a ‘Dragon’ you will lead by the truth in all aspects of your life and above anything be the best person you can be. But do this in your own lives and make a difference to the world through doing good.

Don’t be a sheep or a follower, be a leader and give the world something to be proud of, the world owes you nothing, you owe the world for your existence so, make it worth something by giving back as much as you can.


Abbë Weir

One response to “Dragon Court Notice and Public Statement”

  1. I want to offer my condolences for your loss and just say that what you wrote is very appropriate and I have some Scottish ancestry but do not knw much about it. I learned of your Fathers work from Youtube on a video about the world truth. I wish you peace and love and respect for your life.


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