Just Because You Breathe Does Not Give You A Right To Live!

Stag of Nine Tines

Isn’t it sad that this is what it will take, electing Trump as president to save a free market system?

Conspiracy theorist and ‘Truthers’ peddle on, about how bad Corporations are when, in fact, they know nothing about them. It’s fine, if a person doesn’t care but don’t limit intelligent people, in favor of stupid people, healthy people in favor of the sick or entrepreneurs in favor of factory workers.

If most people educated themselves (about anything) about ‘Corporations’ they would own one them self and greatly benefit their family. I can only assume that they’re too fucking lazy to think much less learn anything.

I might be slow to learn, not very talented, or even not very good at something but I work my ass off at my jobs and my work. Giving a hundred & ten percent to my effort. In truth, I am a terrible employee but…

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