Trivia The Terribly ‘Fat’ (Ego inflated) King Of Academia

Stag of Nine Tines


Academia is nothing more than the socially accepted Triva.

All ‘Academia’ is based on an assumption, the foundation of which, may or may not exist, other than, the observation of personal experience.

It is the collection of ‘experiences’, categorically speaking, combined with the testimony of multiple witnesses, that the academia is based.

But is a false premise based on our limited understanding and comprehension of judgement- a judgement, in fact and truth, that is highly unstable- that form the foundation for the whole of Academia.

We can theorize and argue self inflated maxims and imposed rules all day but at the end of the day, the truth and the fact of the matter is, we know absolutely nothing.

This is what makes Yesu/Jesus special.

What did Elijah scream, as the Priests of Ba’al, sliced themselves- in a frenzied blood offering to their god- asking them, Where is your god, where…

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One response to “Trivia The Terribly ‘Fat’ (Ego inflated) King Of Academia”

  1. Acedemia… Isn’t that a nut or something?… =)

    It’s a frightful thing to witness the financed SUPER NUTS who have been given toys powerful enough to alter realities, unlock dimensions, and witness the accompanying reactions and interactions created when slamming nutrinos into ORME structures…

    Like CERN… the world’s largest particle collider.

    One day they declared that they discovered ANTIMATTER… As it dimensionally appeared then began reacting within CERN’s supposed “absolute” secured environments… The scientists stated,” We don’t know what’s going on but we are definitely recording it…”

    Acedemia… Could Acedemia be what sinks Atlantis once and for all?…


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