Rainbow of Hate… and Selfishness!


“If you are too depressed to function, you should do us all a favor… Dig a six-by-six foot hole and lay in it.” (Solution Inside!)

I’ve suffered from ‘Inverted Pride’ – if a person looks deep with in their self and if they are truly honest with their self, by careful reflection- the truth will manifest.

If we change our view, of our self and remove that off our self, switching our focus, onto someone else’s self, to bring solution or be the solution to someone or for someone else’s self, then we will manifest the fruit of selflessness.

People will convince us through nature that we are are O.K.- we do not need justification, we do not need defense, we do not need definition. Justification is evidenced, naturally, by the fact a person is contemplating their ‘self’, in the first place.

Defense is always countered by an Offense. So, if a person reacts defensively, it’s due to the fact that they are in denial and are not being accountable to their self or the ‘selves’ of other people. People do not need a defense for who and/or what they are, unless they are on trial.

“Don’t judge me!”

That’s why people tend to hate Christian’s because they feel judged. Judged because they feel guilty.

This understanding of ‘Guilt’ is false (and ‘Judgement’ for that matter…)

Guilt, if we consider the legal precedent, is not a feeling- it is, by legal definition, a state of being. As in, a person is either guilty or not guilty, based on the ‘Evidence’, not ‘feelings’ and/or ‘thoughts’. A person’s ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ do not qualify as Evidence of Guilt in any court of law. A person is only ‘Guilty’ if they did something wrong or illegal. Guilt may make a person ‘feel’ bad because that person is experiencing these emotions, they believe deep down, with in their self, that they are doing and/or have done something wrong and/or Illegal.

The hate projected towards Christians or anyone or anything displays some form of guilt on the part of the those people whom are projecting hate and even their judgement.

‘Judgement’ if solely based on ‘Evidence’ has nothing to do with what and/or how we think and/or feel. Feelings and Thoughts do not qualify as evidence, unless it accompanies a confession and/or admission based on the ‘Evidence’ of ‘Guilt’ of whatever we in fact do and/or have done wrong an/or Illegal.

Judging behavioral aspects of a person’s self, are not a judgement against that person’s self unless that person’s self affected and/or effected the selves of others which would be evident by the fruit manifested by that person’s self.

Actions equate with our Character, Integrity and Honor.

When a person realizes that they aren’t doing or aren’t performing according to their own vision (or sometimes the vision of others) or how they see their self, then depression is the result. They become judge and jury of their self based on the evidence of their ‘Guilt’ they feel bad. They feel bad because they, either know or believe they are doing something wrong or they’ve done something wrong.

If a person has a dream or vision, of what and who they are or should be (the should be, would be, could be’s) and life doesn’t deliver it according to their wishes or idea of what they think or feel they deserve; or should of (would of, should of, could of’s) happened and in this case, how it was supposed to happen, that person has already judged their self as ‘Guilty’…

So, they hate their self, they loathe their self, they damn their self.

(Been there and done that… ain’t going back)

This is the selfish result of Inverted Pride.

Divinity does matter in view of our self, all forms, all expressions of all life are in fact divine perfection.

There is no accident, there is no chance, there is no luck- we exist on purpose. By taking responsibility for our self, our own dreams and our own visions and by being transparent with our self and view our self through divine eye’s, of other selves or how other selves divinely view us, then and only then, will we find wholeness and complete healing.

We are mammals, it is built in survival 101.

This is true with all Healing from all forms of Infirmity.

This can only happen when we shift our view, shift our eye’s from our self and focus on other selves, other than our own, that we will naturally find, we do not need justification, we do not need a defense, we do not need definition, even the justification, defense, definition for our self by our self- this will be made evident by the fruit we manifest for and from the selves of others.

Things like ‘Character’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Honor’ can only be given to you by the herd, they cannot be taken or acquired any other way, not even by chemical and/or behavioral modification. These are only band-aids and not the true deliverance or healing. It is our personal choice to Sacrifice, Give and Forgive, these cannot be mandated or forced without losing their very meaning and definition.

Refusing to Sacrifice, to Give and to Forgive, are purely selfish actions- it must be noted that in large doses, can and will result in perpetual ‘Selfishness’.

We are in charge of our self, nobody else can stand in for us, a person, if for no other reason, must be accountable for their self, for the good and sake of family and the herd and every other self.

While, we need to speak well of our self to build our self and encourage our self, when in the herd, it is always best, to let other selves speak well of your self… Depression is not a personal issue or personal state it is a ‘Social’ issue, a family issue, a herd issue.

If we apply these principals truthfully and honestly with our self before and when negative projections, opinions and views of others are thrown before our self, we have the confidence knowing who and what we are, our reaction will manifest what we truly think and feel about our self. Our Character, Integrity and Honor will keep our self even if and when other selves, our family and even the whole herd reject us, hate us and condemn us we can and will stand.

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