Seriously, If I were Gay, ‘marriage’ would be the last thing on my mind.

This is a monumental battle and necessary win to employ LGBT people with an official ‘Minority’ status and redefinition of federal Tax-code.

State sanctioned marriage means nothing really, regarding the true sanctity of marriage. It’s the ‘Minority’ status and tax-bracket that this decision will surely affect.

The term and even word ‘Marriage’ is rooted in Semitic tribal customs. Where a ‘Joseph’ (Priest) joins in dynastic wedlock with a Miriam (Priestess or Sacred Temple Nun) as in only a ‘Mary’ can be ‘Married’ hence the term ‘Marriage’. This type of union by definition, is specifically and only dynastic. Which is why, there is a requirement of ‘the two becoming one flesh’- meaning they consummated the ‘marriage’ and produced an offspring and child.

That is the reason there are two wedding ceremonies- first the betrothal and then the consummation with proof of pregnancy. You are not truly married until you produce an heir.

And why as a minister, I would bless a same sex union but as for myself, (in order to keep my spiritual and familial integrity with God) would never officiate same sex ‘marriage’. It’s the antithesis of the word, definition and purpose which was solely for the use of dynastic wedlock.

The next step now, is to redefine how the Nation defines ‘Family’. This is a two part process that will inevitably require science, specifically the field of Genetics.

This is a doorway of all kinds of ‘Nasty’ – legally speaking. Finally, a showdown is fast approaching to prove- Are you born Gay or is it a lifestyle choice? The question is, can science prove (not just theorize) that people are absolutely born under subjection to their DNA?

Genetic validation is dangerous legal ground and one issue, I wish, we could leave alone. At least, avoiding the legal precedent but… People don’t care so when people are locked up because there’s something lingering in their DNA, I’ll just nod as they’re led away in shackles and say, “I told you so!”

And lets not even entertain the idea of Genetic re-modification…

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