Summoning of the Deep

Stag of Nine Tines

I Am that I Am, a Merovingian sent to Earth; a Star child born of the Father of lights and foamy Sea!

This comet set, it’s course to Earth, impregnating the Deep; the mother of Dragons, Tia Ma’at, that I am Born!

Anointed for War!

Diviner of Truth, Keeper of the Sacred Measure, Equalizer of the Rod of Ruler-ship, Possessor of the Ring of Life!

I Am that I Am, not alone but among the Few Hidden, Brothers and Sisters the same as ‘I’ !

I Am that I Am, calling you out to Stand with me.

You, who know, Protons hovering over the Sea of Mirrors, the vast Sea of Electrons!

Yes, the Abyss… AWAKEN!

Let us all Re-Pent and Pray,

Holy Mother, you who carry Heavenly riches and births them into the Earthly Realm, Grant us, your children, the power and wealth to defeat our foes.

Those whom…

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