HI&RH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg MURDERED!?!?

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Lila Tolui de Vere
Could you delete all the comments on the post please. Especially mine. I am not in a good place and it has come to the point where I am seriously considering drastic measures it is that bad.

Thomas Kelly
Lila, I’m the peacemaker.
I’ve said nothing out of line about Nick, you, the Court, the Duchy nor voiced any plan to undermine you or his work.
And I do give shit about Nick, maybe, more than I probably should.
You should know that there have been multiple attempts to break here… While watching the doorknob wiggle with a club in hand.
I’ll be honest, I will always promote Nick in his death, as I did in his life. I grant Jay ‘unconditional’ Love, the same given to you and the same I gave to Nick.
As far as people profiting off Nick… That’s human nature, we profit off many dead people all the time so did Nick. What was his material about again?
At the end of the day, neither of us are qualified to write the Magdalene Rite and since it’s not written it’s nonsense to talk about it.

Lila Tolui de Vere
I miss him so much. I keep thinking what he would do if he were alive and I had died. We couldn’t be apart I know he would have ended it and I am so scared I will. There is no point to anything. We learn and then we die. Now all there is is a box of ashes in the house. I cannot carry on. None of it will bring him back and there is no point in trying to delude myself into thinking he is with me when he isn’t. He is dead and gone and I want to be with him. I know Nick liked conspiracies but he wouldn’t have wanted one so soon after his death which is why I told James to give me some time but he didn’t. Is as if he was worried it would get out first and then he wouldn’t be centre of attention. It is true Nick didn’t want anything to do with him, the constant harassment for money and the stories got too much. So in that respect Nick would have hated what he did. The Magdeline rite is not nonsense, we did it frequently. We were probably the only ones who did do these rites.

Thomas Kelly
I’m not very shocked about the dishonesty in people, the back biting, smack talk and judgement.
I never needed anyone to validate me or my existence. Nick spoke to my heart and I am aware of who I am and what I am.
The way you’ve acted online, regardless who is in the right, has jeopardized everything Nick want to happen. Do you not know how it undermines his life’s work and accomplishment?
The only one who worked the rite? I’d think about that for a moment.
You should go to bed and get some sleep.
We can talk about this later.

Lila Tolui de Vere
What exactly have a jeopradised? He wished he had not published those books, he wanted the whole lot sabotaged. I don’t need to be told off like a child for defending him which is what he would have wanted. So who else do you know does the rites then in this day and age? The correct way that is which is why we wanted to rewrite it.

Thomas Kelly
This is not about me or you. “Told off like a child”? If you knew me, you’d understand I’m only a Mirror reflection… Not to mention, the fact, legally speaking, the Magdalene Rite does not belong to the Sovereign Grand Duchy of Drakenberg, it’s board members (and no offense) or to you. It was solely a Nick and Jay co-authorship. Now that Nick has passed on to the far country, it does not surprise that, suddenly the Magdalene Rite is up for grabs… Since, it was Nicks choice to make the proposal that he and Jay combine forces to create the Magdalene Rite. As it stands now, now after Nick’s passing that Jay continue on with that work. Mary and I heard and read Nicks own words and plans his wishes regarding Magdalene Rite… Of which, if you can prove otherwise, (And Know I have no claim either way nor do I benefit personally either way but)… I’d have to testify to that affect, if necessary in the Court of Law under any flag. So, it could have been Nick’s dying last breath, uttering a retraction but ‘if’ you cannot prove it, you’re barking up the wrong tree.
FYI- You might find you would get more out of life, if you would be nice… Jay never wanted to discount your input and inclusion to furthering the goal. This is bigger than you, me, Jay, Nick and everyone… Stop making this about you, it’s not about you, this is about us. There is enough love here for everyone.

Thomas Kelly
Okay, look I was too harsh on you. I apologize… This all sucks but enough of all the I’m better than you stuff.
Do you want to fulfill Nicks dream and vision? Really?
What once was, what could of, would of and should of happened… Lila, you’re stronger than this. Okay maybe I don’t know you that well but, come on, you have much more going for you than most people. I don’t know how I’d hold up either but I’d someone would knock me upside my head or something. Drowning in depression will not bring Nick back and even if you off yourself that is no guarantee you will find Nick or be any closer to him than you are right now.

Thomas Kelly
Okay, what in, what was posted, violated your rights?
Why would you infringe on my free speech? At least I made sure to document them, have them witnessed and sent them to the proper channels and authorities.
I forgive you but do not condone your immaturity. You posted on a thread that had nothing, what ever to do you with you or anything do with anything, you’ve deluded yourself to believe is a part of you or your life.
I do feel bad for you and would never wish, the kind of pain you’re enduring, on anyone. For that, you have my sympathies and compassion but…
Until, you apologize to me, for spewing your bitterness on me, for no apparent reason, it’s not possible for us to communicate constructively or honestly.
I loved Nick for many reason’s but mostly I identified with his genetic memory or past life regression of anger against the Roman Catholic Church, Yeah I am a Franciscan and a Cather in my genetic memory or past life regression… Whatever or However you want to view it.
Nick was a great man on Earth and I’m sure he’ll continue in that greatness in the realms beyond the veil. And to be absolutely clear, I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANYTHING FROM NICK, I WILL NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM NICK.
Do you know, while my genealogy is a work in progress, my wife has an impeccable genealogy already published, which could give anyone a run for their money; and is no less comparable to anyone else or Nick- ‘Fons Honorum’… Mary was born in ENGLAND so, don’t toot your snotty British attitude with us… We kiss no one’s ASS… Certainly, not your ass.
Beyond that, I’m a writer and chronicler of what I’ve experienced with everyone involved. And to be clear sighted with you, Lila, know this… I will quote what you said about Nick the day you found him and that means exactly what you said… And you and I know that you more than implied it appeared he was MURDERED.
Between you, I and the Tepes’ Pole… From what I’ve been told that you’ve said, I could believe you were with Nick before he died… Why else would you want Jay to help commit a felony crime to hide and clean up his body? Has Jay or I ever called you out publicly? No. Why can you not give others that same respect Lila?

I know that the truth will never be known, what really happened but we are not alone sweetheart, there are beings involved beyond the veil.
FYI- In ‘reality’, Magdalene Rite does not belong to you, Nick, Jay or anyone, because it’s already been published in the BIBLE. Not that it doesn’t need a little work and correction but don’t be so naive, self deluded and egotistical to believe you or Nick had the corner on the market with such ancient knowledge. It is accessible to anyone gifted to enter the Halls of Amen-ti and peruse that great Akashic library. The baton has passed, just not to YOU, alone. Get over yourself, realize the world does not revolve around you and focus on your son.
Love you Lila.

Lila Tolui de Vere
I am not going to read all of what you wrote. I do not see the point really. I see you have unblocked me, how kind. Firstly I am the centre of my own universe, I am selfish and self absorbed by my own admition. I do not require a character assessment from an individual who does not know me. I know what I am.
Secondly with regards to Nicholas work, that is my problem, not yours or anyone else’s. If you wish to run off and carry on like the rest of those mongrels then be my guest but ask yourself first why you would want to, who for?
Thirdly I know what happened to Nicholas, I was there. Should I tell? Nope.
Fourthly you should understand I have absolutely no interest in you or anyone else whatsoever. We/ now I do not do friends. If someone has a use then great I will use them, if they stop being useful I/we disguard them which is what has happened here. It happened to James when Nick was alive and now Nick has died it applies to everyone else who had some form of association with us. You think I want my buttocks kissed, you couldn’t be more wrong. I want you all to back off and get a life. Get your head out of the clouds and go back to reality. Get some strength, it is so easy to sit about dreaming, hoping and wishing. Do something with your life instead of sitting at the computer all day.
With regards to my son Thomas he is fine. I don’t know if you realise but there is a time difference. You will only catch me on the computer in the evening when he is safely tucked up in bed. Perhaps with the time off my university have given me for Nicholas death I have been on Facebook more than usual but don’t try to make out I neglect my son or my life because whilst the rest of you are squabbling over who is Earl marshal and whose work to steal next I am at university slogging my guts off getting an education in order to better mine and my child’s life. Something Nick was very proud of.
Anyway good luck, I hope you let your ego thin a little so you can get a real life and make something of yourself.
The Biblical Magdalene rite is bogus by the way. I think we both know James does not have the ability to access his Akashic records, if that’s what you call them.
Take care and good bye.

Thomas Kelly
Thanks for your response and concern for me making something of myself.
I never cared who the ‘Earl Marshall’ was nor did I want any ‘Title’ at all and Nick knew that. I’m pretty busy all day tending to my dogs, studying and writing. I think you have me mistaken, for whatever reasons, it doesn’t matter…
‘Friends’… You should know relationships are the only thing that can be kept and taken with you when passing on. You’re only as wealthy as your down-line friendship connection allows. Time is the only true thing of value because with out it, you wouldn’t have anything. Establishing and building relationships are the best testimony of your use of that time not accolades, merits and awards- None of that matters when you’re on the death bed.
Anyway your loss.
I’ve studied scripture well over 20 years now, the Canon, Apocryphal, and Gnostic literature (not excluding, Hermetic Qabalah, ceremonial magic and the Golden Dawn) and while it does have some inconsistencies they cannot be totally discredited. And since Jay understands the Magdalene Rite from a fraternal point of view that is all Jay needs at the moment.
As for the Akashic Records/Library, I wasn’t referring to Jay going there, it was me. Have you ever died and come back to tell about? Do you know where you go when you die? I did die, being killed by skinheads and came back to life and know where you go when you die. I’ve seen it for myself, the Gra’al and understand the Phoenix fire. That happened in 1990, eight years before I first found Nick online. Nick only confirmed many things in me and I am eternally grateful to him, now knowing I am not nor ever have been alone in my vision and destiny on planet Earth.
Love ya Lila.
Seen 2:47 PM

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