‘My Hot Wet Hole!’ by HI&RH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg

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NOTE: Screenshots overlap, so if they appear cut off they are not. With a careful examination you will find the entire post is captured, in many cases overlapping each other.



Lila: “Okay but you think it is alright for James to spread muck on facebook…because Nick would have wanted that??”

Me: What ‘Muck’ are you talking about, I’m completely unaware of any ‘muck’ you speak of, other than what you’ve stated yourself.

Lila: “You obviously do not understand how hurtful it is to have someone blabbing about your partner publically making up malicious lies purely to promote themselves?”

Me: What are you talking about, who did that?

I heard of Nick directly concerning this type situation and to quote him (Nick): “Milk it for all you can get!”

Lila”I guess you think that kind of behaviour is acceptable?”

Me:What ‘behavior’ are you talking about?

Lila: “Official statement? Why should there be an official statement? Why? For what reason? It was actually none of anybody’s business”

Me: Really? okay but let me remind you, I didn’t start the court, nor did I invite people into my life to help create a positive future for the Sovereign Grand Duchy… Nick did, by that token it is our right to know if he’s dead or not, if for no other reason than closure.

Lila: “He was not in contact with any of you.”

Me: That’s not true Lila, and I’m sure the FBI, MI6 or INTERPOL have recorded  all
IP address’s involved when Nick, Will, Jay or we all talked via SKYPE. Normally, I wouldn’t care but you insist.

Lila: “He was an author, he wrote a few books a few years ago and people think they have the right to trespass into other peoples privacy.”

Me: Great, I agree and it, certainly, does NOT apply to me. How many times did I call or write to you?

Lila: “And if you want to talk about what is official and what is not… Firstly: In writing I have James resignation.”

Me: I have nothing do with the Corporation nor is it any business of mine to inquire nor have I done so.

Maybe your time would be better spent calling a formal corporate meeting to resolve these issues, rather than, discussing it with me on my facebook.

Lila:”Secondly: I am joint director with Nick (legally)”

Me: Look, I’m not going to argue semantics here, simply, there are many ‘directors’ of the corporation in question… Again address the board of directors about this not me on my facebook.

Lila: “Thirdly: Who posses the court documents? Warrants?”

Me: While, it is true, ‘possession’ is 9/10ths of the law (at least that’s the case here in the US) but I’m sure there’s certain legal procedure, notarization and/or registration for documentation making it legal and official. Certainly, that has bearing beyond physical possession of a document. Time will tell what and what isn’t the case.

Lila: “Fourthly: My word as witness to what Nicholas said is good enough and seeing as this corporation you speak of belongs to Nicholas and me I don’t think you are really eligible to ask that question.”

Me: That’s arguable in court I guess… Although the statement of my eligibility to ask that question leaves me a bit confused as to ‘why’ you’re addressing me on my facebook? And on a thread that has nothing to do with the Dragon Court, the Sovereign Grand Duchy of Drakenberg, Nicholas or you… Obviously, you feel I have that eligibility to ask questions, I never asked you about… I dunno is it me?

Lila: “A lot can change in a few months, I have no reason to lie about anything.”

Me: I never said you were lying, are you?

Lila: “No one here on Facebook is permitted to continue with what we had planned, you don’t have the necessary documents or information to anyway.”

Me: I’m confused… The only thing being done here is promoting Jay’s new book. As for the court documents and warrants- I am happy you have something left from Nicks life’s work. Although, I’m not sure what your talking to me about it nor why you feel the need to tell me or anyone what we are permitted to do… !?!
Have I done anything to you Lila that would warrant you to address me?

It’s mind boggling.

You should know, ‘Plans’ change. Nick is physically dead. As for what Jay, I or anyone of us stupid Americans plan on doing from this point on is none of your business.


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