Islam will destroy all non-muslim civilizations!

FROM A HINDU-  According to an Indian Person in 2003

I am an Indian living in the USA. I have been witnessing the American interpretation of Islam/Muslims/Islamic society/Muslim way of living. Let me be very blunt. I think Americans are extremely naive. They don’t understand the dangers of Islamic civilization. Everybody including people/media/government is in self-denial. If they don’t wake up in time, they will see themselves a replica of India, a wounded civilization.

I have lived with Muslims all my life. These are my observations,

1) Islam is a warrior religion. As per that religion, the ideal world will be ruled by Sharia & everybody will recognize ONLY ALLAH. Muslims are programmed to work towards that end. Islam allows them to adopt any means to achieve this goal. Because of this, certain things will be sins for a non-Muslim. But they are considered heroic & respectable by Muslim society. In short, the Muslim moral system is completely different from that of any non-Muslim religion.

2) Muslims can live with ONLY Islamic social structure. By this structure, only MUSLIMS are entitled to the riches of the world. Only Muslims can enjoy political power. In this ideal world, Muslims have extremely strict morality rules. They can not do any wrong to fellow Muslim, but if he does the same thing to fellow non-Muslims, it is perfectly moral. So, Islam is a political religion.

When Muslims have to live in the imperfect world of today (where they are a minority), the situation becomes very confusing for a religious Muslim. In this situation, Muslims tend to live among themselves. They won’t try to mix up with the majority of society. They will very cleverly use the democratic rules of the land (along with human rights etc) & bend them for their own benefit.

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Because of their strict social structure, only secular Muslims can be called moderate. I personally know many Muslims, who moderate. But the truth is, they are Muslims only by name. They NEVER go to the mosque, they don’t read Kuran. They don’t dare to come out openly in public with their true opinion, because Islam doesn’t recognize reforms.

How can the US get rid of itself of this problem? Well, I think it is too late. But you can start by
1) inventing an alternate source of energy. If done, it will be like cutting the life support of Muslim society.
2) Openly declaring Islamism for what it is.
3) Asking American Muslims to accept US policy on Israel & asking them to leave if they don’t believe in it.
4) Population control of Muslims. If you see, the muslim population is growing the fastest in the world. Because they recognize the safest way to take over the world is by increasing the population.
5) Allowing entry to ONLY secular Muslims in the country. Or preferably not allowing Muslim immigration at all.
6) Not pampering Muslim sentiments. The ONLY language Muslims understand is the language of force. When they will understand America has recognized their true motive, you will see a tremendous difference in the attitude.
7) Making sure not a single cent goes out of America in Muslim charities. Apart from petroleum dollars, American-Muslim dollars is the single most important source of income for Muslim terrorists in Israel/Kashmir/Chechnya, etc.
8) Publicly announce all Muslim gatherings whether in mosques/anywhere will be monitored. There is no need to pampering Muslim sentiments. In no other religion, is the religious place is used for propaganda.
9) Close ALL Muslim schools/organizations.
10) Stop airing CAIR intellectuals.
11) Stop hiring Muslims for ALL sensitive positions in CIA/FBI/army/police etc.

I don’t think there is much diplomatic way of doing these things. If not done in time, it will destroy all non-muslim civilization.
In Hindu mythology, we call this period as ‘Kali-Yug’ (It started 2000 years ago). It means period of demons. I am sure they meant Muslim as demons.

A Hindu

Edited for American consumption

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